I Want The Cute! You Can’t Handle The Cute! 08/01/2011

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Stella being so cute that I nearly died....


Stella is our young kitten.  She is about two and a half years old and she’s absolutely the cutest thing that ever existed.  She has beautiful blue eyes and a very pretty pattern of grey and white (she is Siamese if you please… duh do da do).  She also loves to attach rugs.  No rug is safe from the ravages of Stella.  I’m not sure how or why the rugs are so impertinent that they need to be put in their place so savagely but …. as long as she’s on top of it.

Today I came home from working on homework at the library and noticed the rug was bunched up.  I went with my foot to move the rug back into place and realized there was a cat underneath it.  Apparently, after beating the rug into submission, it looked inviting to sleep under.  So she did.  A little while later she crawled out, sort of, and we snapped a few pictures.  Enjoy.

Sweet Stella


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