Eek! Fame! Sorta…. 09/30/2011

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So Mike and I are getting married in just a week (eek!) and while we’re super excited and having fun, it’s still nice to have something extra to smile about.  I’m totally excited today because it is the last day of September!  That means that one of my favorite blogs, A Practical Wedding, published its monthly Weddings and Anniversaries post today.

And we’re on it!  Eek!

Well, that means that we are now totally famous and big time celebrities.  Time to retire…

Maybe not…

Anyway, keep posted next week for fun pics of Carlos taking a bath and a chance to meet Layla, Stu and Ashley’s new doggie.  Even though I’m famous now, I think I’ll keep posting… just for fun, you know.

Happy Weekend All!


One Response to “Eek! Fame! Sorta….”

  1. totally famous 😉

    mazel tov on your up coming wedding!

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